A day at the slopes - June 2014

Knowing that a group of slopers were making their annual visit, Hugh Pritchard and I made our way down to Porth Ceriad cliff - through Cim farm.  It’s a good location  - Ceriad - you can take the car right up to the launching area and there are acres of smooth field to land in. There was a good number of fliers present, including some LleynMAC members.

David Mandley prepares his “Discus”,                             Then gets it airborne.

Paul Jubb very kindly demonstrated his 600mm span “Crossbow”for me. I had shown interest in this model after seeing a picture of Paul with it in one of the magazines. Thank you Paul, it’s on my “wish list”.

Paul also flies the big stuff. Here he is with his beautiful scale glider which he has christened “The 9 - tailed Fox”. (In oriental mythology the 9-tailed Fox is a troublemaker - Not sure what Paul’s plane gets up to).

Mandy McGoldrick flying her trusty “Soarcerer”. Mandy won the Roger Broad Trophy at the 2012 B & F for “most improved sloper”. Mandy manages to do something that I haven’t done yet, that is to land a model at the slopes - in a controlled manner.

John Mansley impressed us all with his control of a large scale (1:1) Sea King.

John also had a lot of fun with a very fast “Polecat” wing.

I was pleased to see that the helicopter made a wide detour to avoid our flying area.

Peter Franklin flew this very smart tiny ducted fan jet. It flew well considering it’s size and the wind conditions.

Below are some of the Lleynmac members who joined in the fun

David Fettes. Below you can see the great landing area.

Dave Anderton and his “Wild Thing”

Michael Jones hedge clipping with his Wing

Hugh Pritchard and his “Snipe”. Assisted by David Mandley.

Hugh’s Wing launching technique

Michael’s Hawk

Paul’s Mustang

Two lovely P.S.S. Models.  I don’t think that there was quite enough wind on the day.

Lots of other nice models to be seen - I have only recorded what I was able to in my time there. Please excuse any errors or omissions. I haven’t much experience of the soaring side of our hobby. A nice bunch of people with some interesting models. I liken it to sailing as opposed to powerboating. I’ve got an old soarer that I’m restoring, so I may join you next time.        Austin Massey