P.S.S.A. Visit - August 2014

This is only a short report because I’m sure that Phil Cooke will produce an excellent article on the P.S.S.A. Website.

I turned up a little early on the Saturday morning, and already there were 14 cars parked up. The location was the Eastern end of Porth Ceriad. There were 2 models in the air but apparently the wind was not quite right and one flyer had to retrieve from the beach. There were lots of planes lying in the grass waiting for the right time. I did notice a number of Jet Provosts - obviously a good response to the Mass Build project. I was only there for a short while and as I was leaving there were at least 6 aircraft up, so things were improving.

Awaiting take-off

A non-flying item of interest (to me at least) was that I met Phil’s Mum and Dad. They are living in Holmes Chapel which is where Phil was brought up and where myself and family lived for 30 years before retiring to the Lleyn. It was good talking to Phil’s Mum and getting an update on the village goings-on. His Dad, Tom, is taking up the hobby again after an absence of 20 odd years and was having a fly with Phil’s Lockheed, doing a bit of hedge-clipping.

Don’t forget to look up Phil’s report on P.S.S.A. online.

P.S. Phil has very kindly sent me this link to his photos: