John’s Chipmunk

John “Ambulance” Lewis is a long-standing member of the club and has been a committee member for a number of years. At present he is Vice-Chairman and a Club Instructor. He lives in Llanbedrog (Very handy for Penrhos) and retired from his emergency medical duties a few years ago - although he has been called on to practice his skills a couple of times at the flying field. John is a regular flyer at the field (He has to have his fix) and, extra to his Instructor duties he is always keen to offer help to anyone needing it.

The Chipmunk was a Christmas present from John’s wife. A Boxed kit of pre-cut ply and balsa. Almost as may parts as the full- sized aircraft. A difficult build according to John, but a beautiful 70” wingspan model and well worth the effort. He decided not to finish it in the usual Red and White trainer colours, prefering the “Aluminium” look. John didn’t fit the supplied undercarriage but bought a sprung version and fitted that. He has installed an O.S. 52 4-stroke, which he feels

is a little underpowered during take-off. In flight it sounds great and helps create a very realistic scale model. A slight mishap during the maiden flight was the loss of of a wheel but John was able to land without damaging anything. When conditions are right, the Chipmunk is now a regular sight at the field.

 Looks right doesn’t she?

  Taxiing to the runway.

      Ready to commit.


        Final approach

        Right on the patch!

       Taking it home in one piece !

 A lovely model, thanks John (And Mrs. Lewis).