These flying sites are available as a result of negotiation between the Club and the Landowners.  To preserve continuity of use, will all flyers please respect Landowners  wishes.

Because the club will be held responsible for any damage and the fact that we have a financial commitment to maintain our use of the sites, (Which effectively comes out of our members subscriptions), the Committee have decided that it would be reasonable to request a donation from visitors, particularly large groups. Also, notice of any planned visit would help. (Please use our Slopes Calendar on the Home page). Thank you to the fliers already doing this. We enjoy your visits, some of our members join in, but numbers are increasing and we feel that a little control is in order. Please contact Malcolm Mackley regarding this. Phone number below.

All present must follow the Country Code.

All flyers must be members of the BMFA (Or SAA) and be able to show evidence of this.

On arrival at a site be aware of other flyers in the vicinity and avoid frequency clashes.

Before flying starts, pilots must agree the launch and landing areas, the pilot box position and the method of frequency control. Any further arrivals must comply with the arrangements made.

At busy times, the pilots must appoint a Safety Marshal. All pilots will be expected to share this duty.

No one should climb down the cliffs if they are on their own. Mark the spot and return with help.

If any visiting flyers require help or advice – please contact Austin Massey on 07791052617 or Malcolm Mackley on 01758 740293. It would be helpful if prospective visitors contacted us before arrival.

If you are looking for accomodation during your visit, go to our Links page for local information. In particular - Cim Farm (Close to good slope sites) and Pen Y Berth (Next to our power field) are very suitable for Caravanners, campers and self-caterers.


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