No, They’re not doing a Bank job - This is the latest slope soaring gear.

I decided to join the big boys last Sunday (8th. Dec.) And go slope soaring. It was too windy for the power field and, since I had brought my Trainer back from there in one piece for the last few weeks, I was feeling pretty confident. So, when Michael and Hugh invited me, I couldn’t refuse.  My batteries were all charged up, and so was I , so we met at the caravan to decide on location. The first choice was Ann’s, but when we arrived, it wasn’t quite right so off we went to Porth Ceiriad through Cim farm.

The anemometer was showing 40MPH gusts - Michael and Hugh decided to commit! Michael was first away with a standard soarer launched by Dad - Merfyn. Up and away it went , and, after a settling in period started a bit of fancy stuff. From were I was, it seemed quite managable.  Next up was Hugh’s Fairey Battle, again, flying quite nicely. I couldn’t chicken out now could I ? So, with the help of a grinning Merfyn, my decision was made.  The flight was a joint effort. Merfyn performed an excellent launch - then I took over and managed to keep it straight and level. I think I decided too soon to go on a little wander - I should have stayed as I was for a while and get settled in. As soon as I gave it a lefter to fly along the cliff, the wind decided it was his turn. His idea of flying was to just throw it backwards at high speed for a 100 yards or so.  I was convinced at that point that I had lost radio contact, all my stick twiddling didn’t make a scrap of difference.  Then it was Newton’s turn - he likes to get things down on the ground as quickly as possible and not very neatly.  So another lesson learnt.  Maybe I should have worn a Balaclava.

(Dec. 2013)

The sky’s the limit!

On the club’s behalf - Walter Tonks has been busy in negotiations with the Civil Aviation Authority to have our flying ceiling raised, and suceeded.  The normal height for models over 7Kg is 400 Ft.  Walter has obtained permission for us to fly up to 1000 Ft. (Over the field).  He owns a “Maul” which is round about the 7Kg range and Michael Jones has a “Titan” , a similar weight.  It is very likely that both of these planes will be used in the future for towing gliders and a 1000ft ceiling will be very useful to the glider pilots. The information will be published in NOTEMS which means that all aircraft will have to respect our right, even the “Hawks” from Valley. Well done Walter and thank you. The permission is renewable annually and currently expires in January 2015.

 (Mar. 2014)


Congratulations to club member Michael Jones on achieving his BMFA Instructor  AND Examiner qualification on the same day.

Michael - here with Examiner Ray Jones - is making amazing progress considering the short period of time he’s been flying.

(June 2014)