At the Field - 28/05/16

It was good to arrive at the field and see the windsock flying, a model in the air and others on the ground being prepared. It’s been a long winter - I’ve often turned up been the only one there.   So, things are looking up, the members are coming out of hibernation. The model in the air was Hugh Pritchard’s Galaxy Models “Magician” being fine tuned. On the ground was Michael Lee’s Quadcopter being set up.

I braved a couple of loops with my “Jitterbug” then my usual 3 bump landing. If I was more skillful I would convert the first bump into a touch and go and make it look as though I meant it.

Keen committee member Paul Collier flew his trainer “Arising Star” nearly all day putting in some  excellent practice maneuvers.

John  Lewis put his old Wot 4 (It’s had a few facelifts) through it’s paces. John claims that some of his aerobatics  are accidental - I don’t believe him.

Alan Jones gave us a high speed aerobatic display with a very smart electric glider.  Very impressive . The wind noise on the low passes was amazing. I’m sorry Alan , I don’t know the name of your model so here’s a photo instead.

Highlight of the day was Treasurer Malcolm Mackley’s attempt  at the flight duration record. He started his Wot 4 and discovered that the tickover was more like half throttle. Rather than strip it down and adjust, he decided to burn some fuel off on the ground, then take off and land when it “deadsticked”.  So he ran it on the ground for a few minutes then took off. After what seemed like half an hour he was still there, the back of his legs getting nicely tanned and getting a bit bored with repeating loops and rolls. He refused my offer of a chair and ignored the caustic comments of the other flyers. Eventually, the engine quit and he was able to land - nicely on the patch.

Malcolm after his record attempt.

Trainee Silyn Roberts had his own go at the record during his training session on buddy leads with instructor John Lewis. He was up for so long that John got cramp in his “Trainer switch” finger.

Quite a good day for everyone really. I think all the models went home in one piece.