2015 “Fly-in”

The May 2015 “Fly-in” didn’t turn out as expected. The first two days were literally a washout  and the third day didn’t attract any newcomers but it did produce some interesting models and excellent flying, making it a very entertaining day. We had three visitors from the Tywyn club - Derek Pickup brought a half-scale BAC “Drone” 20Ft. Wingspane, 2 cylinder engine. Graham Brown enjoys flying solo since he achieved  his “A” certificate at our 2014 Bring and Fly, and Brian Whelham flew a fairly large scale low-wing. (I’m sorry Brian I lost my notes about your model but there is a photo). A good number of club members turned up and enjoyed flying at a relatively quite field - there were never too many in the air at once but the action was more or less continuous. Excuse the quality of the photos - most of them are “snapshots” taken from my videoclips. I did more videoing than still photography and am hoping to make a video of the Event soon.

First up was Derek with his 20 odd year old scale “Drone”. He had a couple of flights in quite gusty conditions, one of them ending in a “dead-stick” which he managed to get back down successfully, almost shearing a couple of local sheep in the process.  I’ve included a short video which shows the model much better than I could hope to describe it.

Club member Martin Roberts brought an interesting collection along: a Hobbyking Bixler 3 fitted with a FPV camera, his MX2 and an Autogyro which he Maidened.

Martin prefers to sit down when flying FPV - it’s easy to lose your balance when looping and rolling. He let me wear the goggles whilst he flew and I nearly fell over. Martin’s daughter is his “minder”.

The Autogyro took a bit of a run to get the rotor spinning. Once airborne it was a handful - Martin reached maximum down trim trying to prevent it from “balooning”. He did manage to get it down safely.

The very aerobatic MX 2. In a quite moment.

Good to see Ashleigh Pritchard back at the field. Here he is helping Mike Lee with his foam powered glider.

Walter Tonks had hard luck maidening his “Barnstormer”. Walter builds and prepares his models so well that it’s unusual for things to go wrong. I hope this slow-motion video helps him analyse the problem. It does actually get airborne. Maybe it trips on the long grass.

Michael Jones is getting into “Helis”

             Brian Whelham’s model

The Bolton lads - David Helme and John Cronshaw enjoying the airspace.

Roy Morris dashing to grab the transmitter from Michael Jones.

Bob Hughes-Burton and Walter getting “Buddy”.

I’m sure everyone who attended enjoyed the day, let’s hope for better weather next year.

Austin Massey