2015 Bring & Fly

Another excellent Bring and Fly, thanks to good weather, good organisation, a well prepared field and good attendance by the usual visiting flyers.

This year, Peter and Brenda Ferguson organised the catering and made a grand job of it with the help of “Burger King” Don Kennedy. The early start was a good idea - lots of flyers enjoyed their breakfast baps.

The slope flyers arrived early on the Friday morning to register then disappeared for the rest of the weekend. The club is very grateful for their generous donations. I didn’t manage to make the slopes this time but the numbers there were reported to be high. So, no photos from me, but Don Brown gives them some time on his well prepared video. (Click). Thank you Don. Thanks also to Linda - Walter’s daughter over from France - for taking the photos, a great help to me.

Andy and Andy assembling the Lancaster with Steve Vine about to come and give some helpful advice.

Taking a break from flying.

A lot of the flyers, particularly the furthest travelled, make a week of it and divide their time between the field and the slopes. At the field they fill most of the time glider towing. With our 1000ft. ceiling we had some spectacular flights. At one time I witnessed some glider “dangling”. Another time the the tug would do a roll, followed by a roll from the glider. Good thinking to both roll in the same direction. The tugs were Will Gillam (Titan), Steve Vine (Titan) and David Fettes doing a very good job with his ExtraWot.

Steve’s Titan.

Glider about to take off.

Regular visitor Bill Grimsley from Renfrewshire brought along a beautifully prepared Dakota which I was looking forward to seeing in the air. Unfortunately, try as he might , Bill couldn’t get it off the ground. The lack of power was a mystery to him as he had flown one previously. It was so close to flying - you can see the tail wheel is up off the ground in the photo. I hope Bill sorts it and brings it back next year.

Michael Jones added another qualification to his long list. This time he got his helicopter “A”. Walter Tonks did the examining. What next Michael? (Probably something to do with rallying).

David Fettes came up with something interesting - he challenged Michael Jones to complete the SAA “Silver” reckoned to be the equivalent to the BMFA “B”. Michael seemed to do well as far as I could see, but he wasn’t up to David’s standard. There was quite a lot of banter during Michael’s attempt.

Colin Dillaway from Feltham also had a go. According to David, both failed. Anyone who wants to see the routine click

Lindsay Todd, from Ness, brought along a smart Seagull Models “Sport Cruiser”. Him and his buddy (another “Sport Cruiser”) were up together, providing some entertaining flying. Lindsay - as last year - had a camera on board. I’m sure he won’t mind me providing a link to his Youtube video. Here. His low level inverted pass gives a unique view of our flying field.

Club member Martin Roberts, from Clee Hill, is always coming up with something new. This time he brought along a piggy-back glider launching plane. He managed quite a few successful flights with Michael Jones piloting the glider. Martin even did some aerobatics with the glider attached. Nothing fancy about the release mechanism - servo, pin and elastic bands. Martin says that it will launch any medium sized glider. Hang onto it Martin - I’ve got something that might be suitable.

Reg. Biddlecombe club member from Anglesey brought this beautifully prepared Stampe. (Above). A labour of love , built over a few years after aquiring an OS 4-stroke and needing something to put it in. Reg. is obviously a Stampe fan - he spent an hour flying the real thing from RAF Staverton Gloucestershire.

Reg. and Walter Tonks our Training Officer, are buddies with more than one thing in common - they both own Stampes and they have both flown full size. (Not the stampe in Walters case). We have Walter to thank for organising the legalities of the Bring and Fly - dealing with the BMFA and the CAA. Also operating flightline control. Glad you got time to have a fly Walter.

    The 2015 Awards:

     Power Field

    Best Scale:  Andy Johnson - Vampire.

    Most Entertaining: George Murgatroyd - Founier antics.

    Toilet Trophy: Andy - Failing to fly through door frame.


    Best Scale: Paul Jubb - Grunai Baby.

    Most Entertaining: Simon Blay.

    Toilet Trophy: Gary Broad - Mid-air.

 For future Bring and Flys our Chairman Frank Pilling would like to provide a perpetual trophy in memory of his dad (Frank Senior - founder member) Who passed away recently.

Finally - a big thank you to all who helped to make the event such a success.