2014 May Fly-in

Attendance was up a little on last year and with plenty of club members flying there was a good atmosphere to the event and I’m sure that those who attended enjoyed the weekend. The patch was beautifully cut and cleared by our Airfield Maintenance Unit - the cow dung being deposited in the outfield where I managed to find it when I landed short. The wind was a little strong but didn’t stop anyone from flying. Maybe those taking exams would have prefered less. (See photo of windsock) This year we had two Heli pilots over from Anglesey, one of them achieving his “A”. We also had one fixed-wing qualifier.

Electric Foam pushers seem to be getting popular - there were one or two examples there at the weekend. It certainly is a good model to chuck in the car if you are going away and would like to fly.

Three of our members now own Yaks - Michael Jones, Andy Gordon and Walter Tonks. They are all acomplished pilots and they throw the planes around the sky in a spectacular fashion. So, when they threatened to put on a display, I looked forward to a treat.

I’m afraid the nearest they got to formation flying is in the photo opposite. Let’s give them time eh! Andy and Michael did get up together but really didn’t share the same airspace. Red Arrows needn’t lose any sleep.

Bob Davies from Corwen was first to arrive.He brought 2 really well constructed home-built models - an own design “Sportsman 57”and a D.B. Sport & Scale “Sesqui” Bi-Plane. (Sesqui in latin means one and a half, the plane has a short lower wing). Bob came with the intention of taking his “A” and after a few warm up flights became our Examiner Walter Tonks’s first customer. The result was good and Bob is now the holder of a BMFA Acheivement Scheme “A” Certificate. Bob was self-taught and certainly knows a lot about aircraft design and model construction. He enjoyed our field so much that he came back on Monday for another session. He took away a membership application form so hopefully we have a new member. Not a bad start to the weekend’s proceedings.

John Jaques from Carlisle gets the furthest travelled award. John brought a Dynam “Smart”, an electric foamy suitable for taking the “A” test. I think that John would possibly had a go at it, but after a few flights with the “Smart” it suffered a mishap. He spent the rest of the day flying an electric foam pusher, which flew quite well. I’m not sure what it was - possibly a Multiplex “Easy Star”.

Peter Trudgill from the Aberystwyth area came along to enjoy our flying site. He was flying a Multiplex “Blizzard”, powered foamy. Much smarter than your average foamy, Peter had covered it himself and it really looked “the business” Sorry about the poor photo Peter.

Stephen Hands, from Warrington (On the day he travelled from Prestatyn), had the hardest luck - was part-way through his “A” test when is AcroWot suffered a broken undercarriage and the test had to be abandoned.

A real shame that, he was well on the way.

Stephen, if you ever come to Prestatyn again and you enjoyed flying at our field, contact us and I’m sure Walter would be pleased to give you another try. (We do, normally charge visitors £2/day).

Tom Bradshaw from Anglesey, a well qualified Heli pilot, brought his “Scorpion” and gave us a great demonstration of helicopter aerobatics.

Tom’s buddy, Richard Murgatroyd, gained his “A” Certificate (Heli), in what seemed a very short space of time. Interesting to see Helicopters at our field, I have a feeling that it will not be long before some of our club members are flying them regularly. We will have to think about making provisions for this. Maybe we could set up an area a distance away from our fixed-wing patch, so that they can fly at anytime. (Our present ruling is that they are alllowed a time slot on the fixed-wing patch).

I owe Geof Hoolihan from Wirral an apology - he turned up, signed on, then I never made contact with him again. Sorry Geof, I hope you enjoyed the day.

Quite a few of our Club members turned up and flew…….

Committee members Michael Jones and Andy Gordon both flew their Yaks. They way they took off ( Close together), I was expecting an attempt at formation flying but once up in the air they seemed to do their best to stay at opposite ends of the field. Always good to see them fly though, noisy, lively machines.

Michael also gave his “Titan” an airing.

John Lewis brought and flew his well decorated, well used, “Wot4”. It’s on its third fuselage and John has made a nice job of it. Got a lovely “Go-fast” stripe. It’s had so many facelifts I think that it should be renamed the Wot4 Mk6.

A regular at the field - Dave Anderton, maidened his “AcroWot” electric foamy. It flew fine but I think that the rate of climb took Dave by surprise.

         The  “Powerhouse”

            The “Edge 54”

             The “Jungmeister”

The hardest luck of all came to Event Organiser and Club Secretary Derek Pickup.  Derek brought 3 large models - a “Powerhouse” which flew remarkably well for a 3 channel, high dihedral design. I’m sure it was flying backwards at times.  Derek had a good time with his “Edge 54” until it dead-sticked with a broken crankshaft.( Bad luck number one). Number two came when the “Jungmeister” appeared to catch too much wind on take-off

Graham Brown from Bedford ( flies at the Tywyn club) flew his super 60 and a Foam “Discovery”. Graham came to try our field and also had a go on Buddy leads with Derek Pickup’s large “Powerhouse”

and performed a half cartwheel on the lower left wing. Some damage to wing root and fuselage. Derek puts a lot of effort into his flying and doesn’t deserve that kind of luck. He is an excellent builder and I’m sure that the “Jungmeister” will soon be back up in the air.

John Green from Angelsey was flying his “Ugly Stick”. The very same model that he passed his “A” with this time last year.  (I wish I could get a model to last 12 months.). John also flew a wood/Electric “Wot4” The first one I’ve seen.

Richard Hughes flew his “Harmony”. Those twin engines sound wonderful. Richard also maidened a Y.T. International Magic, Successfullly I understand. Sorry, no photo.

Also flying were myself “Jitterbug”, Chris Cross with his very aerobatic “Cularis” and even Walter eventually found time to have a go.

Thank you to all who turned up to fly. Thank you to the Committee members  for your help. Thank you Derek for organising the event. Let’s try and make next years Fly-in even better.

Happy Flying,

Austin Massey