2014 Bring & Fly

  Excellent weather and a good attendance made this year’s Bring and Fly a great event. There was continuous flying at the power field and the slopes,as usual, were busy. The first day was ideal for slopers, the slope of the day being the Northwest corner, overlooking Hell’s mouth. Sunday started a bit slow because of the weather but eventually was so good that most of the flyers missed the raffle and presentation in the afternoon.

I got a bit carried away when entering photos in my report and then couldn’t decide which ones to  remove. So, to avoid it being one long document, I have broken it down into pages, for those with with a short attention span. I have also included a couple of videos, kindly provided by visiting flyers. Please use the index below:

Video 1

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Video 2

The Sunday before the event - lots of flyers came for the whole week.

Friday the 26th. Mostly the goings - on at the Slope of the Day.

Saturday and Sunday at the Power field - Part 1

Saturday and Sunday at the Power field - Part 2

“On-board” Lindsay Todd’s Clipped wing Cub over the Power field. I think the plane he is chasing in the first part is Ray Peter’s Scale “Kinner”

A very good general impression of the Bring & Fly (Power field) - by Albert Rowe

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