19th. April 2015

Last Sunday at the field - Brilliant sunshine, cool strong breeze, lots of activity.

I had a trip to the field last Sunday, knowing that the wind would be a bit strong for me and my trusty “Pronto”, but with the opinion that you have to fly in stronger winds sometime to make progress. So, with some extra lead on top of the wing, up I went. (Or up went the Pronto). The outcome wasn’t too bad - 4 take-offs, 4 short flights and 4 landings. The last one convinced me that I should quit while I was ahead. Even Walter Tonks and Chris Cross found it difficult bringing their models back down to earth.

Chris Cross brought along a lovely 20 year old model, giving it an airing after 7 years in the hanger.  It was a Galaxy Models “Mystic”, 75” span with a 100+  4stroke. After some initial starting problems, up it went and Chris gave us a couple of excellent demonstrations.

Chris also found time to give trainee Roy Morris some instruction using Roy’s Wot4. They had a problem setting up the buddy lead system and eventually, because Roy is quite experienced, decided to use the “pass-the-box” system. It worked out O.K. keeping plenty of height on. I heard  Roy call “yours” a few times , but I’m sure he got a lot of pleasure out of flying “solo” in such difficult conditions.

Our Airfield Maintenance Supervisor - Hugh Pritchard showed us all how to do it with this electrified 1967 “Tyro”. It was originally a single channel deisel, but here is controlled by rudder/elevator. Hugh still has the non-elevator tail-plane. The doped nylon covering was superb. For such a light model, it flew very well.